Friday, March 27, 2009

Hope, Build, Believe & Achieve

Change is in the air at Cabrini Connections. Starting in a few months at our Year-End Dinner, Cabrini Connections is going to undergo a slight ideological facelift. Every year the students and volunteers vote on a theme for the Year-End Dinner that captures the spirit of what we do and our goals for the future. This theme helps Courtland Madock and the rest of the year-end dinner planning committee decide on what types of programming/food/decorations they want to include at the year end dinner. Last year's theme was Coming Together, Growing Together. This year we staff, along with the student leadership council decided we wanted to up the ante a bit. So, rather than voting for a theme merely for the Year-End Dinner, we decided to use the Year-End Dinner as a kickoff for an entire year of themed programming based around a theme that was voted on by students and volunteers, eager to get more involved in determining the direction of their program.

So after receiving more than 80 suggestions by current students and volunteers, the Youth Leadership Council whittled them down to the three best which were:

--Learning & Leading
--Connecting & Advancing
--Hope, Build, Believe & Achieve

This past week, students and volunteers spoke as one, overwhelmingly selecting Hope, Build, Believe & Achieve to be our motto for both the 2009 Year End Dinner and the coming year. This means that Olivia Williams, the Schiller school 7th grader and first year mentee who suggested this theme, will be receiving a special prize. So, stay tuned for more details about how Cabrini Green youth will be Hoping, Building, Believing and Achieving in the coming year!

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