Friday, September 19, 2008

Volunteer Spotlight: Jen Nolan and Carla Reyes

As a counterpart to our Student Spotlight, which I discussed in my last post, I'm also going to be focusing on one or two volunteers each week to put in our "Volunteer Spotlight." The volunteer spotlight will hopefully get volunteers more engaged with the program by spotlighting their involvement with Cabrini Connections as well as some interesting biographical info.

Cabrini Connections is proud to put Carla Reyes and Genevieve (Jen) Nolan in the first Volunteer Spotlight! Carla and Jen both work at the Civic Federation, a non-partisan government research organization working to maximize the quality and cost-effectiveness of government services here in Chicago. Carla just graduated this spring from Northwestern University; it’s her first year here as a tutor. Jen is back at Cabrini Connections after taking a few years off to go to law school and get her masters in public policy. However she helped a number of Cabrini Connections students last year in the college search, application and admission process. This year, together with the Cabrini Connections staff, Carla and Jen are upping the ante. They are currently helping me to organize college visits, college counseling, application workshops and more…all to help ensure that every student at Cabrini Connections can find and attend the college, university or trade school that is right for them. Jen tutors on Wednesday nights and Carla tutors on Thursday nights, so students can reserve college/career counseling sessions with them during these times where kids can find out about and discuss the wide variety of post-secondary options that they can choose from.

Thanks Carla and Jen, for showing leadership and acting on your beliefs that every child has not only the right to a good education, but access to mentors who will nurture and inspire them.

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