Thursday, September 18, 2008

Student Spotlight: DeSean Hale

So one project that I'm spearheading here at Cabrini Connections is bringing attention to one outstanding student each week through a Student Spotlight that will be featured on our website, newsletter and on a poster in our center. I'm hoping this will accomplish a number of objectives:

1) increase the readership of our newsletter among the students by having content that they see as relevant

2) show off our high achieving kids to funders, volunteers, other readers of our newsletter

3) give the kids an additional incentive to brag about their accomplishments and serve as role models to the other kids in the program

Therefore, I'm proud to bring attention to soft-spoken De'Sean Hale with our first student spotlight of the 2008-2009 year. De’Sean is starting his 5th year with the program, is a junior at Wells High and was the only student with perfect attendance at Cabrini Connections last year! De’Sean has loved drawing and building things since he was little and has known since the age of 13 that he wants to be an architect. Inspired by architects such as Frank Gehry (millennium park) and Santiago Calatrava (the mastermind behind the Chicago Spire, which when completed in 2011 will be the tallest structure in the Americas), De’Sean will keep burying his head in math texts as he is committed to gaining admission to the University of Illinois: Champaign-Urbana’s elite School of Architecture next year. He is also continuing to hone his drawing skills though his involvement in the Cabrini Connections art club. Props to De’Sean for his drive and commitment to both his future success and Cabrini Connections. He is truly deserving of our Student Spotlight!

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