Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Student Spotlight: Victoria Rivera

Lincoln Park High School Sophomore, Victoria Rivera is a long time student here at Cabrini Connections who is destined for great things. Victoria has been here since the 7th grade and in the interim has developed a deep friendship with her mentor, Amy Proger. They often get together outside of tutoring to grab a bite to eat and chat; Amy is always encouraging Victoria to try new things, like tapas or regional Italian food, which is always a treat.

Victoria has a lot of different interests. Talk to Victoria for a minute and you’ll realize that she’s bubbling over with enthusiasm about things to come. It’s clear she spends a lot of time thinking about her future and as a 10th grader, she’s already figuring out what she needs to do to avoid the common pitfalls that have prevented people she knows from going to college and reaching her fullest potential. As a 2 sport athlete, softball and cheerleading, with a passion for helping others, Victoria is interested in sports medicine and becoming a physical therapist.

In addition to cheerleading at school, she pursues her passion for dance at her church, where she participates in a contemporary dance ensemble that she really enjoys. Victoria is quite active in her church, she has been taking speaking classes there since 7th grade, which prepare her to speak extemporaneously so when someone in the congregation falls ill or fails to show up, she can take over and deliver the message like a pro. She also participates in a youth program at her church called “Project Achieve.” Participation in this program each Saturday helps Victoria prepare for future success. For example, they organize a trip each year to historically black colleges such as Clark-Atlanta and Spelman so students like Victoria can experience these Southern colleges first-hand.

For Victoria, she keeps coming back to Cabrini Connections year after year because “It’s like home.” She attributes her recent success on her 1st semester grades (all A’s and B’s) to a combination of her own hard work and her mentor’s commitment to helping her succeed. We’re so proud of your accomplishments Victoria and are certain that these are but a taste of the greatness to come! Congratulations!

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