Friday, January 16, 2009

Student Spotlight: Savon Clark

Skinner School 8th grader Savon Clark has consistently proven himself to be one of our most dedicated students. Besides having more points than any other 8th grader (earned through involvement in activities at Cabrini Connections), he had perfect attendance this fall and was elected to the 2008-2009 Youth Leadership Council. Additionally, he and his mentor Mike Kolberg were the only participants to continue meeting weekly in our center during the summer months this year. Savon requested that they meet in order to improve his math skills for his 8th grade year. Though Savon has found his classes to be a greater challenge this year, he says “I feel better about getting the A’s now ‘cause I have to work for them.” It’s telling that his 2 biggest challenges this year are in reading and math, his two favorite subjects. About his mentor, Mike, he says: “Mike has really helped me out with all my subjects, when my grades were falling he helped me to pick them back up. I’m glad that he’s been sticking it through with me, helping me strive for A’s all the time, I really appreciate Mike.”

Savon is taking the winter off after playing fullback and linebacker for the Windy City Dolphins. He is already training for track, which starts in the spring. He’s been lifting and doing lots of push-ups so he can excel in his events, the 4X2 relay, the 400 meter dash and shotput.

He’s also excited to be a part of the Youth Leadership Council and is eager to work with the other students to improve Cabrini Connections. He’s been taking notes of potential improvements and doing research to try to address them with the council. Hopefully all of his hard work will pay off soon when he finds out what high school he will be attending next year. He applied to some of the best and most competitive schools in the entire city: Whitney Young, Lane Tech, Walter Payton and Lindblom. Wherever he ends up, we are certain that he will make the most of his opportunities and strive for the very best. Congratulations Savon!

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