Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Student Spotlight: Angelene Hemphill

Angelene Hemphill is a Senior at Wells Community Academy with a promising future. She is the Wells Senior Class President and a model student for her peers. As Class President, Angelene is in charge of, among other things, coordinating fundraising efforts and production, marketing and sales of class t-shirts and jackets…no small feat for a class of nearly 300 students! Angelene has been with Cabrini Connections since she was a 7th grader and in that time has developed an interest in broadcast journalism. In fact, she’s planning on attending one of the Chicago City Colleges and studying broadcast journalism so that she can eventually work at a television station in Chicago, ideally NBC-5.

In her spare time, she works at an after-school program at Moody Church where she’s the assistant leader of the Kids Club. There, she has an opportunity to help hundreds of kids who like herself, are growing up in Cabrini-Green, assisting them with their academics as well as keeping them out of trouble. Since Angelene has benefited from involvement with after-school and tutor/mentor programs from a young age, she is happy to have found an outlet for her time that allows her to help others the way her own tutors and mentors have helped her become the promising young woman that she is today.

Angelene also enjoys art. In fact she's been a regular participant in our Art Club here, and has even seen her work shown in a local gallery! Below are a couple projects she's worked on at Cabrini Connections.

Angelene admits that “Cabrini Connections has given and continues to give me all the support and tutoring help that I need to keep at my goals." We are so glad to have accompanied Angelene for the last 6 years and are excited at her prospects for the future! Congratulations Angelene! We’re expecting great things!

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