Thursday, October 30, 2008

Student Spotlight: Aarion Woods

17 year old Aarion Woods is a Junior at the Von Steuben Metro Science Center on the North Side. It is his first year with the program and he’s glad to be involved. He’s paired up with one of our new tutors, Mike Ozmeral, who for the last 3 years has served as the Vice President of Reyes Holdings. Aarion consistently inspires other students through his sense of humor and respectful demeanor. He has been really taking advantage of the resources found here at Cabrini Connections, using SVHATS to help him secure a job to help him with expenses. In fact, he and his tutor have been putting together a resume that he can use to show off his assets to potential employers. One of these assets is his fluency in French.

In fact Aarion was the first student in his school to complete French I, French II and French III in the same year. Eventually he hopes to attend a college in the Chicago area such as Chicago State University, the University of Illinois-Chicago or perhaps Northwestern University. At college he’s very excited about the prospect of continuing his study of French and especially traveling abroad, perhaps to the French-speaking countries of Cameroon, Martinique or France.

Outside of school Aarion likes to write poetry, which he uses as an outlet for his thoughts and often shares with friends and family. We’re very glad that Aarion is making the most of his time here with us and we look forward to working with him in his job and college searches so that he can maximize his potential. Congratulations Aarion, you’re in the student spotlight!


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