Monday, July 7, 2008

Welcome to the blogosphere

Hello world! My name is Chris Warren and I'm a recent graduate of Northwestern University, where I studied cognitive science and psychology... among other, perhaps more important things. However, for the next year, I am fortunate to have been selected to be a Northwestern University Public Interest Program fellow and will be helping to coordinate a related pair of Chicago NGOs known as Cabrini Connections and Tutor/Mentor Connection. These sister organizations believe in the power and effectiveness of tutor/mentor programs to help inner-city youth expand their professional networks so that they can enter careers by the age of 25. Cabrini Connections is itself a tutor/mentor program that serves Cabrini Green youth in the 6th-12th grades whereas Tutor/Mentor Connection has the aim of helping well-organized and successful programs like Cabrini Connections, which only serves one small area of Chicago, flourish throughout the city in every high-poverty area of Chicago.
Throughout the year I'll be relating my experiences working as a PIP fellow and more generally as a recent college graduate new to the non-profit sector. My only prior experience working with non-profits came during my 5 month stint studying abroad in Buenos Aires last year where I interned with the Central de Trabajadores Argentinos, an NGO that fights in various capacities for worker's rights including the right of un- or underemployed workers to a job. There I was able to conduct independent research on the recuperated factory movement that is so unique to the region. Therefore, with that lone experience under my belt I'm venturing forth into my succinct new role as "Tutor/Mentor Coordinator/Communicator/Resource Builder". Please stay tuned!

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